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Welcome to the Friends of in touch website

We are a registered charity that supports emotionally and socially vulnerable children and young people with autistic spectrum conditions, and behaviours associated with them, in the Borough of Eastleigh, Hampshire, England.

The in touch project 

The objective of the project is to enable anxious or socially vulnerable children and young people to feel more engaged with mainstream education and social activity by helping them develop their self-confidence, self-esteem and their coping skills.

Children are supported through individual and group work interventions.

The ultimate aim is to facilitate social inclusion by promoting emotional well-being and positive mental health among children and young people.

  What parents have said:
 •  Without it my son would be totally isolated, it is the only place he can be himself.
 •  His confidence took a real dip, he would stay in his room all day, it’s good to see him enjoying himself and making friends. 
 •  I have never seen my daughter so relaxed outside of home. 
 •  Socialising with his peers will help him both at home and at school. 
 •  It’s good to see my son make friends. 
  What children have said:

 •  I love playing with my friends.
 •  Cooking is my favourite.
 •  I like making dens.
 •  I think the art room is great.
 •  In general it has made me a happier person.
 •  Being at In Touch is one of the most happiest times of my life.
 •  It's awesome!
 •  Everyone is so friendly.